5 iPhone Games I am Glad I Purchased


When I first got the iPhone a year ago I quickly filled it up with just about every free game and app I could find in the App Store. After finding that most of the free games lacked the polish I demand in mobile gaming, I made the plunge purchased a few. Here is a short list of the ones I have paid for and enjoyed. Also I bought most of these games when they were on sale, this seems to happen a few weeks after they come out or right before an update.


Enigmo (Review)
This game reminds me of “The Incredible Machine”, a game where you’re given a limited amount of parts and you have to create a machine that completes a goal. This game is the same way but it’s a stream of water. You have a limited about of sponges, pipes, and drums to get your stream of water to the bucket. If you like puzzle games like this then it’s a must have. They also sell updated level packs in the game itself.

Trism (Review)
This was one of the first Apps to make a ton of money in the App Store. It’s a simple puzzle game where you have to match colors. It uses the orientation of the phone or touch to dictate how the pieces fall on the screen. Like most puzzle games, the concept is simple but mastering it is hard. This is the one puzzle game I keep coming back to. To me this game is what Tetris was for the Game Boy.


Peggle (Review)
This game is just about on every gaming platform and for a good reason, it’s a great game. Your job is to clear off all the pegs on the screen by shooting them. Your bullet will bounce around like that game from the Price is Right, Plinko. Every peg it hits will also disappear. It sounds simple but once you play this game you will be hooked. Trust me.


Minigore (Review)
I love games with style and this game has a ton of it. I love the look and feel of the game and it also happens to play great. If the developers do what they say they will do, which is updating the game with features weekly (like Pocket God does), this could be the next big game everyone will talk about. So far it’s off to a great start!


Worms (Review)
I love the Worms games and I have them on every platform I own. There has been a lot of hate about the iPhone version of the game. People are complaining about the controls, but after playing a few times I feel they work fine. Yes, ninja rope is hard to use and jumping is sometimes an issue but that doesn’t kill the game for me. You just need to change your playing style to fit the platform. I think Team 17 did a great job getting this game to work on the iPhone. I think with a few key updates everyone will enjoy this game, even the haters.

So there you have it, my short list of games I actually paid for. If you’re still too cheap to buy games here are a few free ones you might want to check out: Words with Friends, Twizzle, Tap Defense, and Wild West Pinball.

Let me know what games you paid for and were happy about. I am always looking for new games to play while falling asleep in bed or on a long road trip.