Sorry Seattle, you are NOT the Bacon Capital


Ever since Grunge Music left the mainstream Seattle has been looking for something new (and cool) to attach itself too. For a while it was Starbucks coffee, but then McDonalds started making lattés and now it’s un-cool to like them. At that point, Seattle started looking for the next big trend to claim.

If you are a lifelong reader of this blog then you will know about the vast number of bacon novelty items for sale around the world. The AV Club recently did an article about some of the more popular ones like, Bacon Salt, Bakon (vodka), Baconnaise, and Bacon Jam. They put the products through a rigorous taste test to find the best bacon novelty. I thought the AV Club did a great job and they came to a lot of the same conclusions as I did, but that’s not the problem.

A Seattle based website called the Seattlest also read the article. They were happy to point out that most of the better bacon novelties came from Seattle. Which is true but they take it too far. The Seattlest is now calling Seattle the bacon capital of the US.

Looks like bacon is the next big trend Seattle is trying to attach itself to.

I have a problem with this and here is way. Bacon and bacon related novelties are to different worlds. Just because your city creates a lot of bacon novelty items does not give you the right to claim yourself as the capital of bacon. The real bacon capital is the family farm, were people live, breath, and sleep bacon. Where producing great bacon is the difference between making enough money to survive another year or having to sell your family business. That is where great bacon comes from and that is the true capital of bacon.

These family farms are all over the country so trying to claim one place as the bacon capital would be difficult. Right now I am asking the national Pork Association about where they think the real bacon capital is. I will let you all know once I hear back.

Calling Seattle the bacon capital would be like calling Kentucky the chicken capital, just because they have KFC. So back off Seattle and leave bacon to the pros. If you still want to be capital of something you can claim Bacon Novelty Capital of the World (or is that already China’s title).

Update: James Callan, the guy who named Seattle Bacon Capital, has changed his mind. He is now calling Seattle Bacon 2.0 Capital. I like this better since Seattle is taking bacon to new heights. Thanks James for being a good sport!