Food Inc: a Documentary about the Food Industry


It was bound to happen. Yet another documentary is coming out all about how the food in this country will kill you. It’s called “Food, Inc.” and it’s brought to you by film maker Robert Kenner with significant contributions from Eric –Don’t eat anything unless you grew it in your back yard using fertilizer you gathered from your own cow that you feed and organic diet – Schlosser (he’s the fast food nation guy for those of you not in the know.)

Now I haven’t seen this movie yet but I have read an article about it that the Associated Press did. According to the article the movie is about how the genetically modified food will make you sick or worse kill you. Of course it would have to be about that, because the only way you can get people to watch a documentary about the food industry is to tell them they might die if they don’t watch it.

But after reading the first couple paragraphs I was still somewhat interested. Then I got to the part where they compared it to Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth, and lost all interest. By comparing this to Gore’s film you’re telling me it’s nothing but a pack of lies.

The article goes on to describe some parts of the movie that include families struggling to get by so they have to buy food from the dollar menu and shots of baby chicks having there cute little heads smashed against equipment as they ride on a conveyor belt at the processing plant.

This just seems like another anti big business movie showing how corporate greed keeps the little man down. But there is no doubt that the hippies will line up around the block for it and probably give it an Oscar.

Even when a large company tries to help promote this film the film maker throws a tantrum. The Mexican fast food chain Chipotle (which is owned by McDonald’s) is sponsoring free screenings of the film. But the makers of the film are now crying saying that it’s an empty gesture. Even though Chipotle holds its meat processing to high standards, they say they don’t pay enough for their produce, and that forces farmers to get paid less and become exploited.

Nothing these companies do will ever be good enough for these people. If Chipotle started paying 50% more for tomatoes, they would just start bitching about their wages, their calorie content, or how many trees are killed from their paper towels.

Even though it seems like I have already passed judgment on this film I will still watch it with an opened mind. Who knows maybe they will change me and I’ll give up bacon and start eating nothing but organic veggie chips that cost $7 a bag. It’s very doubtful, but hey it could happen.

By Sean Brett

Editor Note: I know Sean hates when I do this but I just wanted to give my quick two cents. I watched the trailer for the movie and I am already pissed. But like Sean said I am going to watch this movie with an open mind. I also hope to get the Pork Association’s and real farmers views on this movie.