Bedside Bacon Holding Alarm Clock


While reading one of my favorite tech blogs, CrunchGear, I found an amusing post about an alarm clock that can hold pens and wake you up with flashing lights and nature sounds. At first glance I thought, “Wow what an ugly and stupid alarm clock! And what’s with the snowflakes on the face of it”?

After I was done hating the world, because someone was making money off of this idea, I started thinking of a way I could justify the existence of this clock. Then it hit me. The clock could hold a few crispy strips of bacon, for those late night bacon cravings. Yes the bacon would be cold, but the snowflakes on the face of the clock would remind you of that. Cold bacon is better than no bacon.

It costs $18.69 (what a weird price) plus $5.49 to ship at I guess this clock will hold us over till the WAKE n’ BACON guy gets his act together and starts selling the true bacon alarm clock.