Bacon LIVE: The Archie McPhee Edition


On this episode Sean and I interview Dave from Archie McPhee, the creators of the Bacon Belt. Dave told us why they created the Bacon Belt and about the new Bacon game that they will be creating soon. It will be a Candy Land style game.

We also reviewed the last of the Wright’s Brand Bacon which was the Maple flavor. Sean really enjoyed this one a lot. I still liked the Applewood better, but this was a close second in my book.

Also, it seemed could not handle the amount of traffic are show was pulling in lat week. Which made the recording of our show was choppy. The first 30 minutes of the show were fine, but the second half messed up. All that recorded was a short clip and the last 5 minutes of the show. I hope Ustream gets its act together before next week’s show airs.

Bacon LIVE 037:
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