Bacon Fashion Trends: Neckties and Dresses


A few new bacon fashion trends are popping up on my radar, Bacon Neckties and Bacon Dresses. Bacon inspired clothing is something I feel I am an expert on since I invented the Bacon pants. That being said, I would like to share my two cents on these new bacon trends.

Bacon Necktie: I rarely wear ties but the bacon tie might change that. I like the fact that it looks like real cooked bacon. My only complaint is that the tie is not grease stain resistant. Why have bacon ties if you can’t use them to whip the grease off your face?

Bacon Dress: I like the idea of the bacon dress but this particular one took it too far. The women that made it used real bacon for the construction. True bacon lovers know you should NEVER waste glorious bacon. Bacon should be eaten not worn. Other then that, I do like the idea, it just needs to have a more bacon friendly construction method.

It nice to see bacon making an impression on the fashion world. I wonder how long it will be till we see bacon clothing on the red carpet. Sadly, most Hollywood stars are brained washed by the cult that starts with P and ends in A, so it might take some time. Who do you think will be the first star to embrace bacon (Food Network people do night count)?