The Go Plate is a Tailgating No Brainer


In the fall of 2008 I stumbled across what I thought was a bad idea, the Go Plate. I wrote a post about what I thought about the product and why I thought it was a bad idea. The two major reasons were that you could not drink your beverage while using it and it was too small.

Well, the owner of the company found my post and quickly fired off an email to me. He told me that I should try the plate out and I would see I was wrong about it. He then asked for my address and sent me a few plates.

Last night on Bacon LIVE Sean and I used the Go Plates during the show. We both thought they were sturdy and fit securely on our beer bottles. When I first saw these last year I would have thought they would be a mess to use, this was not the case. They worked as adversities.

My only complaint was that they didn’t work as well with cups. When I switched to a cup during the show I felt that if I have had more food on one side of the plate it would fall off. Sean, on the other hand, didn’t like the fact that you couldn’t take a drink while using the Go Plate. This was my major gripe last year. He thought it should come with some kind of straw for your beer/drink. Other than that we enjoyed using the plate.

Closing Comments: Anyone who tailgates knows it’s hard to juggle a plate and beer at the same time. The Go Plate does a really good job making that manageable. It does have a few limitations with fitting cups and portion size, but overall it’s a no brainer for outdoor eating with no table options.