Bacon is an Innovative Ice Cream Flavor


Before I share this link with you I just want to say, I usually don’t read Women’s Day Magazine. I was recently sent a link to a story they did on 10 Innovative Ice Cream Flavors. Guess what was on that list, Candied Bacon Ice Cream!

Now here is the interesting part, the photo that Women’s Day is using is not of Candied Bacon Ice Cream. It is in fact a photo of Bacon Corn Dog Ice Cream, here is the proof. Also, further proving Women’s Day has no idea what it’s doing when it comes to bacon, the bacon in the photo they used is not even candied.

If you want to see what real Candied Bacon Ice Cream looks like check out David Lebovitz’s blog. He posted a great recipe and fun commentary about how he made it.

At this year’s Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival I tried bacon ice cream and it was amazing. The bacon added something savory to the ice cream, kind of like peanuts or salted pretzels. I also had candid bacon as a topping on ice cream, which has a totally different flavor and texture.

If you had bacon ice cream before, let us know what you thought about it. I know everyone at the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival has, so I expect a lot of comments.