Bacon-Diesel Creates Better Smelling Exhaust


Once again it has been proven that bacon can do anything. The company Bio-Blend Fuels has started to use bacon grease to run cars.

It’s a process of blending biodiesel and regular diesel together to give you a cleaner cheaper fuel. Most biodiesel is made from things like corn or sugarcane but these guys use bacon. The grease that falls off precooked bacon is collected and processed turning it into fuel.

It always great to find new ways to use bacon, I just find a few flaws with this system. The grease used comes from precooked bacon. That means that to make this a successful alternative to gas everybody has to eat more bacon. That’s a concept that I could get behind if it wasn’t precooked. We all know that precooked bacon is ok for a quick fix but it is not the bacon of choice when it comes to most bacon lovers.

It also isn’t as cheap as one would think. To make it work it must be blended with regular diesel and that drives the price back up. A 50-50 blend costs $2.09 per gallon and regular diesel costs about 10 to 20 cents more. (Depending on where you live.) Is saving 10 cents a gallon really worth going through all the trouble of getting a diesel engine put in your car and driving around actually trying to find one of these Bio-Blend stations? I don’t think so.

Some might say that it doesn’t matter that how much money it saves because it saves the planet. But I don’t buy into that whole global warming thing, maybe that’s because I actually paid attention in third grade science class.

The only reason I could find for using this fuel is that when it burns in your engine it makes the entire car smell like bacon. That might make it all worth it.

By Sean Brett