Interview with Cindy Yep, Creator of the Baconfish


On last weeks Bacon LIVE you might have noticed that I was wearing the second coolest shirt ever, the Baconfish shirt (the first coolest shirt is my Enjoy Bacon shirt). The creator of this shirt is Cindy Yep of Hamburger Panda. She was nice enough to let me interview her today.

MrBaconpants: Tell me a little about yourself.

Cindy Yep: I’m Cindy Yep and I create characters of animals and food, and in the case of Baconfish, both. I’m a one-woman operation based in San Francisco. My newest design is called “Stinky Tofu”. It’s a Taiwanese dish that smells amazingly bad but tastes amazingly good. In terms of diet, I’m a strict omnivore. I’m Chinese, and my mom likes to say we eat everything with legs but the table, and everything with wings but the airplane.

MBp: Why did you create the baconfish?

CY: My boyfriend is a pescatarian — that is, a vegetarian that also eats fish. In preparing for a dinner party, a friend of ours asked him, “Is there any way you consider bacon to be a fish?” And lo, the Baconfish was born.

MBp: If bacon fish were real how many could you eat in one sitting?

CY: I think of him as being 9 or so inches long — like a small trout. However, I also think he’s flat like thick-cut bacon. So I think I could manage to eat 4 of them, 6 if no one’s looking.

MBp: How did you choose the green t-shirt color?

CY: I saw some old scientific illustrations that had the animal on a green background like that, and that’s what the artwork is supposed to resemble. Possibly he’s one of those creatures that went extinct due to being too delicious.

MBp: Are you planning to create more bacon creatures?

CY: I remember my friends and I having a tipsy discussion about a Bacon Dragon, but I’m open to suggestions.

Feel free to leave your bacon creature suggestions in the comments bellow. I think a bacon crab or bacon whale would be a good idea to keep the ocean theme going.