Bacon: A Love Story is for Sale


Heather Lauer’s new book, Bacon: A Love Story is out today May 12th, 2009! Head on over to Amazon and buy a copy. I was mentioned in the book THREE TIMES, which I think is the greatest thing ever. I am so happy that Heather made sure the stars of the Bacon Nation made it in to this book.

Here is what the publisher has to say about this book:

It’s salty, smoky, and sweet. It’s experiencing a culinary renaissance. It can make almost any dish better. It’s bacon, and it’s the best meat ever. And now, here’s the book that celebrates that deliciously sinful strip of cured pork belly.

In Bacon: A Love Story, popular bacon blogger Heather Lauer serves up a piping hot dish of fun and facts with this definitive love letter to what she calls meat candy. Heather explores the ins and outs of how bacon finds its way to your skillet and what to do with it when it gets there.

Later this week (Thursday) I am going to post an interview I did with Heather that I think everyone is going to enjoy. You find out why she started blogging about bacon and where she sees it taking her in the future.

Sean and I will be talking about the book Wednesday on Bacon LIVE!