is Now Selling the Enjoy Bacon Shirt


Back in March I told you about, an online store dedicated to selling the best bacon. After that post Scott Kveton, the owner, and I have been talking about all things bacon. After a few weeks we came up with the idea for to sell my popular “Enjoy Bacon” t-shirt.

Another big change that you are going to notice is the ads appearing on the site. That’s because they’re a sponsor of this blog and the Bacon Live podcast. Every month we will review the bacon they sell on the podcast.

On this week’s podcast we will be reviewing Mountain Products Smokehouse Bacon, which is from a small smoke house in upstate New York. I got the shipment in last week and I must say it looks great. It has a great meat to fat ratio and a nice thick cut. I can’t wait to try it.

I have a feeling this is going to be a great partnership, when bacon lovers work together great things happen. Just look at the Bacon Explosion, two guys that love bacon and BBQ created an internet sensation. Let’s hope Scott and I have the same tasty outcome.

UPDATE: Check out Scott’s post about the partnership here!