The Reason Why Bacon is so Popular


Since the mainstream media is finally picked up on bacon, it has a lot of people thinking “Why is bacon so popular”? Well I thought about for 30 seconds and this is what I came up with.

Short Answer: Because it makes everything better!

Long Answer: Bacon is gaining in popularity because it’s the symbol of the anti-health culture. Every day we are told not to eat this or that because it will make us “unhealthy”. Well there are people out there that don’t care as much about health and just want to eat good food. The same people that love bacon are the same people that use real butter on their toast.

Even thought there is a big heath culture, people like to be provocative and feel like a bad ass. Eating bacon and enjoying it makes you feel that way. When I tell someone I had a Bacon Cheese Burger I get one of three responses “Damn Right”, “Oh man I wish my diet would let me eat that”, or “How dare you kill a pig”.

Notice how two of the responses are not bad towards bacon. Even the person who says no still wishes that can eat bacon. This means that even people who are health nuts get in on the bacon crazy. They may join in on a bacon meme so they can feel like a bad ass without the health effects. I wouldn’t call these people part of the Bacon Nation, but they do add to the popularity of bacon.

So the reason that bacon is so popular is because almost everyone LOVES bacon (even if they don’t eat it themselves). What is also helping to bring bacon popularity to an all-time high is the fact that we are living in a time were healthy eating is almost government mandated. This is causing more people to join the anti-health movement than ever before.

Bacon is our symbol of freedom in the fight to eat what we want.