Kevin Bacon Almost Ruined my Life

It’s no secret that I hate Kevin Bacon. In fact, back in July of 2007 I did a post explaining why Kevin Bacon gives bacon a bad name. Well I have something that I have been reluctant to say for years, Kevin Bacon made it so I couldn’t eat bacon for weeks. Just watch the short clip bellow, then I will explain.

One day, when I was young and didn’t know better, I was tricked in to watching Footloose. After watching it I couldn’t eat bacon for weeks. Every time someone mentioned the word or I smelled bacon, Kevin Bacon dancing around like an angry idiot would pop in my head. It made things very awkward at the breakfast table.

Luckily, the effects of the movie wore off, but it did traumatize me when I was a young bacon lover. Now when I watch this clip it makes me laugh more then disturb me. But, because if the trauma it caused me then, my hate for Kevin Bacon will never fade.

I really hope this clip doesn’t have the same effect on other Bacon Lovers as it did on me. If so, I just ruined a lot of lives. My bad.