Bacon Freak Should Be Exiled


Rocco “Boss Hog” Loosbrock, owner of Coastal Vineyard’s (the people that bring you the bacon of the month club and Bacon Freak) should be exiled from the Bacon Nation. I know this may sound harsh, but here are my reasons why:

  • False advertising: On Rocco’s Facebook page it states, “… my ONLY priority is seeking out and finding the world’s finest and freshest, Blue Ribbon award winning, premium quality bacon…”, but when you join the club all your get is their brand of low quality bacon. Real bacon of the month clubs would feature bacon from Vande Rose Farms and Beelers, NOT Boss Hog’s liquid smoke injected mystery meat.
  • No Original Ideas: Bacon Freak adds nothing to the bacon community, but he enjoys taking from it. For instance, look at his new product Bacon Season Salt, remind you of anything? I wonder how long it’s going to take for Bacon Freak to come out with a Bacon Lollipop. He has also taken content from my site and did not post a link back (that’s just bad blogging karma).
  • Over Priced Merchandise: Check out Bacon Freak’s bacon novelty store. Everything is way over priced. You can find bacon band-aids for under $5 most places, but Bacon Freak is selling his for over $9.
  • Shady: The three points above support this one. Bacon Freak is a shady character that is just trying to find any way possible to profit from bacon. Don’t get me wrong. I would love to make a living talking and blogging about bacon, but I want to achieve that goal while maintaining principles and producing a great product. I don’t think Bacon Freak cares much about principles or greatness.

You can agree with me or disagree, but I am just trying to cut that fat. We don’t need shady opportunistic jerks giving the Bacon Nation a bad name. We are a friendly and supportive community, and when someone takes advantage of that we need to strike back to make sure our community stays strong for our never ending quest to enjoy bacon.