The Bacon Chop Secret Society


It’s that time year again were I make fun of the Irish for their tradition of boiling back bacon (gross). But instead of doing that for the second year in a row, I want to talk about the bacon chop.

The bacon chop is supposedly an Irish cut of pork that contains the pork belly and Spare rib attached. Finding out if that is true or not is proving to be difficult. Last year I wrote about my trouble finding information about it. Only a few people could help me, one of them was Brent who gave the following explanation.

So here’s what you need to do if you want a true bacon chop. A true bacon chop will be the belly while it is still attached to what we consider the Spare or St. Louis Ribs. I’m guessing most butchers buy the ribs already trimmed from the belly, hence why you will need a local small shop guy… It might be a considerably large bill when you consider you are taking away both bacon and ribs which will add up to around $4/lb. combined at least.

If you do a Google search you will only find a few recipes for cooking this cut or meat. It seems the bacon chop is clouded in mystery. For some unknown reason the people that enjoy this dish fail to document it online. Is there some kind of bacon chop secret society that I am somehow not a part of?

I am hoping that since today is St Patrick’s Day and with a little luck for the Irish, a commenter will finally give us the information we need about the allusive Irish Bacon Chop.