Mainstream Media Blackout of Mr. Baconpants


Jolene Ketzenberger from the Indianapolis Star wrote a story about the never heard of before bacon craze that’s sweeping the nation. Besides being about 3 years late, there was one other thing that I disliked about the story, the lack of Mr. Baconpants.

Come on you so called reporters do your homework. This lady refers to bacon blogs but only mentions and (both very new to bacon blogging). Where’s the love? Mr. Baconpants has been thriving for years with a large and loyal fan base, but these “reporters” refuse to acknowledge our presence.

Could it be because they are not really into the whole bacon lifestyle? Could it be that their boss tells them to do a bacon story so they just crap one out? Or could it be that the mainstream media has a boycott against Mr. Baconpants?

Sure you might think I sound a bit crazy with that last one, but think about it. Mr. Baconpants tells it how it is. We’ve slammed Wendy’s, Arby’s, McDonalds, and any other company or person that insults us with their low standard of bacon.

We all know that the majority of companies in this world are owned by the same people. Is it too much of a stretch to think that the owner of Arby’s has connections with NBC, CBS, FOX, or any other media source. And that our reporting style might ruffle a few feathers.

Well, the mainstream media blackout of Mr. Baconpants isn’t going to stop us. The internet is where the revolution is taking place. Our voice will be herd, and as long as restaurants keep trying to take advantage of the average bacon lover, we will be here to let you good people know about it.

Thank you for all your support, and remember bacon loves you.

By Sean Brett