Bacon Live: Last Week was Sean Week

With all the excitement of the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival I forgot to post the show notes to last week’s show. We talked about how the week seemed to focus a lot on Sean since it was the first time I introduced my readers to him. We then moved on to bigger and better things like BLTs and bootlegging movies.

The recording of this week’s show will be delayed one day so I can help my good friend deal with a horrible tragedy. I am not sure if I want to go in to detail about it on this blog, but just know that it’s a family that is very dear to the Bacon Nation.

On show #018:
Sean Brett week; found picture; master plan; crime in the Bacon Nation; BLT conservancy; toast vs. white bread; sour dough; Bob Evens; old people; Pirate Bay; corps don’t get it; bootlegging help the box-office; also DVD sales; Sean not being in a movie; Icecube; day of rest; laws; killer chimps; Sea Quest; nerd talk; Never Ending Story; and more…

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