The Ultimate BLT Recipe


A few months ago I created the Ultimate BLT in my kitchen. I took seven strips of bacon and wove them together in to a square. I then cooked the woven bacon in a large pan until it was crispy. I think if I would have baked the bacon, it would have made things easier. After the bacon was done, I completed the masterpiece you see in the image above.

weaveCooking your bacon this way for your BLT will ensure that you get bacon in every bite. Thus making the Ultimate BLT. Also, if you somehow get bored with the standard BLT don’t be ashamed to add more letters to the name. The image above is really a BLTGPP, since I added a Green Pepper and Provolone to it. Other items you could add to your BLT are ham, mustard, cucumber, hummus, or egg. Let me know what your favorite BLT additions are via comments or email.

If you need practice making BLTs, you can play this flash game. You can thank MetalChick666 for finding this addictive time waster. I wonder if there are more bacon related flash games?