Oregon Man Takes One for the Road


It was a peaceful day in Beaverton Oregon until one man snapped (most likely from lack of bacon.) A 42 year old man decided it was time to turn to a life a crime, and that his first target would be a convenience store.

Armed with a pistol the man entered the store and said something along the lines of “ Gimme ya monay!! Or I’ll shoot the front of your head!!!”

To that the clerk responded with “ No.”

Puzzled by the clerks sheer intelligence the man look around and said “ yea… well… I’m gonna take me one of these beers.”

The man grabbed a beer, ran out, and jumped in his get away car. Pulling away from the store there is no doubt that the man thought to himself. “Job well done.”

A short time later police apprehended the man and his car. They found on his person a replica hand gun and one beer. The man was charged and the beer was returned to its rightful owner, where it was sold to a 16 year old kid with a fake I.D. and then used to date rape his friends little sister.

I love happy endings.

By Sean Brett