Mike Nelson explains Bacon Stupidity Month


The loveable guys at Bacon Today scored an interview with Mike Nelson. I know what you’re thinking, “Who’s Mike Nelson”? Well, he was the guy from Mystery Science Theater 3000 (if you don’t know what that is, congratulations you’re not a nerd) and it turns out he is a lover of bacon.

Mike is calling February “Bacon Stupidity Month”; he is going to eat nothing but bacon for the whole month.

Mike Nelson: Well, it’s as stupid as it sounds. I just vowed that for the month of February 2009, I would eat nothing but bacon. And I’m in my sixth day of it, and I’ve held true to it.
Mike Kirsch: Have you? So, nothing but bacon all day, every day?
Mike Nelson: No. Except I did make a few exceptions just so that I wouldn’t go mad and so that I could visit other people’s homes without them throwing me out.

It’s nice to know that Mike is going to be honest with us. If he goes to someones house he can eat other stuff. Still, I think trying to eat bacon everyday of the month is a pretty big feat.

You can listen or read the whole interview at BaconToday.com, Mike explains why his is doing it and what he is allowed to drink during the month.

I am glad to know Mike Nelson is still alive and a bacon lover. Maybe with this new found fame they will bring his show back, or at least the 3am reruns.