Vosges’ and Left Hand’s Unexpected Greatness


With Mosley’s talk about taking things to the next level, and Taco Bell’s introduction of a Bacon Cheddar Gordita Cruch, I started thinking about instances where an outstanding fixture has reached new heights with an unexpected ingredient.

mosbarHistory is filled with such occasions. For example look at Mike Tyson. The guy would have been a pretty fantastic boxer in his own right, but let’s see what happens when you throw in a healthy dose of unabashed insanity. You get an unpredictable manchild that, rather than backing down in a fight, will chomp at the extremities of one of the most respected veterans of the sport. And to make his comeback and finally regain respect in the community, he shows up looking like this. A dash of the unexpected can elevate greatness into blow-your-mind and mess-your-pants legend.

Which leads me back to the topic of this blog and to a few of my favorite all-time products: Mo’s Bacon Bar and Left Hand Milk Stout. Both of these products took it to the next level by tossing in something you wouldn’t expect.

beerIf you haven’t had a Mo’s Bacon Bar by Vosges, sprint to the nearest Whole Foods, walk right past the $8 price tag and experience the sexiest chocolate bar since this inappropriate creation(NSFW). This is the Mr. T of chocolate bars — bitchingly awesome and full of meaty goodness. The applewood smoked bacon and Alder wood smoked salt perfectly set off the sweet of the chocolate for an experience everyone can enjoy. In fact, I have a friend who works at Whole Foods and sampled this to a woman without telling her what it was. Then he noticed all the soy and Boca products in her cart. And even she liked it!! (That’s actually not true — she was livid and filed a complaint with the manager — but you know deep down she was satisfied.)

The Left Hand Milk Stout is brewed by one of the most creative breweries in Colorado, which is saying quite a bit. It’s a nice, full-bodied stout infused with milk crystals that give it a sweet, creamy finish. This gives it some personality without turning into a dessert beer like a chocolate stout. I highly recommend it.

Could bacon possibly go with other dessert type foods? Of course! That’s like asking if duct tape can be used for more than tying up siblings. Check out YesButNoButYes’s collection of bacon dessert recipes, including Bacon Baklava and Pig Candy.

Check out the goods: Mo’s Bacon Bar, Left Hand Brewery

Until next time, I’ll bring home the turkey if you bring home the bacon. Then I’ll throw out the turkey and eat the bacon you brought home.

by Mike Adamson