Tragedy Never Smelled So Good


A bacon processing plant in Northamptonshire in the UK caught fire on January 13th 2009. More than 40 firefighters were called in to save the precious irreplaceable bacon. (They also helped save the employees from certain death.) The firefighters said there is no indication as to the cause of the fire and have opened an investigation.

I don’t think they’ll have to look too hard. It’s obvious what started the fire. This was the work of the most dangerous terrorist organization on the planet….the Anti-Bacos! It’s about darn time that the world stands up against these degenerate vegetarian bullies. Until we do no man, woman, child, or bacon is safe.

By Sean Brett

Editors Note: Sean has possibly made up this “Anti-Bacos” movement since there is no evidence to back up its existence. As soon as we get information confirming the statements that Sean has made, we will inform the public with an official press release.