The Bacon Explosion: Mother of all things bacon


Father Spoon from “Should I Drink That” recently sent me a link that I know you will enjoy. It’s about the ultimate bacon barbeque recipe called The Bacon Explosion.

Here is a quick run down on how this thing is created. The ingredients alone are staggering: 2 pounds thick cut bacon, 2 pounds Italian sausage, 1 jar of your favorite barbeque sauce, and 1 jar of your favorite barbeque rub. The construction of this beast reminds me of a Yule log. You start off with a woven mat of bacon and then you layer more bacon and sausage on top of it. Carefully roll it up into a log and wrap more bacon around it. Lastly, you drench it in BBQ sauce and cook for 2.5 hours on a grill. If you are feeling brave, follow the link above for more detailed directions.

Usually after I post a recipe I say something like, “I think I am going to make this”. Well this is one time where I think I am going to pass. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to eat a whole bacon log myself. I just think this recipe requires some extreme cooking skills that I don’t have.

A recipe I will try is one sent to be by the other half of “Should I Drink That”, Sick Puppy. He wrote to tell me about Bacon Rice Krispy Treats. Now, that’s a nice simple bacon recipe I can handle.

If you have had either of these recipes, let me know what you thought about them. I hope someone makes a video of them making The Bacon Explosion. If you or someone you know does, be sure to let me know about it.