I’ll take a Big Old Glass of Obama


People seem to love Barack Obama so much that they want to drink him. Some Obama inspired beer has been popping up around the world.

In Kenya the people have been drinking a beer called Senator Keg. It is known to the locals as “Obama Beer”, and has been around since Obama became senator of Illinois.

There are a few more state side called things like, Hop Obama and The Audacity of Hops. But what I want to know is, where are the other presidential inspired drinks? Like Bush’s Iraqi Sunrise., the Clinton Fuzzy Cigar, The Reagan Bomb, or the JFK Mind Eraser. I don’t think Obama is any different than any previous president. (I mean besides that he’s not the same color.) So, why does he get drinks and no one else does?

Well, no matter what your choice of beverage is, it’s obvious that this presidency is going to mean one thing…. Time to get drunk.

By Sean Brett