Cornbread Birthday Cake with Bacon-Cream Cheese Frosting


Think back to your last birthday. Some of your friends probably went to the store the night before and sat in the cake aisle trying to remember what your favorite type of cake is. They argued the merits of chocolate versus vanilla, danced with the idea of an ice cream cake and the one girl that listens exclusively to top 40 hits probably chimed in with a funfetti suggestion. And you were probably very happy with whatever they made for you, because it meant you had good friends and your pie hole was full of cake (and therefore a minor identity crisis).

But they never made the cake you really wanted. Even if you say Red Velvet is your favorite and they couldn’t have made a better choice, you’re wrong. You didn’t get a bacon cake.

Well this guy did.

I was pleasantly surprised on my birthday with this heaping homemade cornbread cake, topped off with a bacon-cream cheese frosting. They even stabbed it and made icing blood to remind me that while my eyes were seeing cake, I was tasting the sweet chewy goodness of applewood smoked bacon.

It wasn’t your typical sweet cake, but like all you bacon enthusiasts, I would take cured meat over something sweet any day. The cream cheese frosting mixture gave it just enough sweetness to set off the delicious pork infusing it. And though it may be the southerner in me talking, no type of bread goes better with bacon than cornbread.

When your friends can take a birthday and turn it into a bacon girthday, you know you’re surrounding yourself with winners… and possibly fatasses.

By Mike Adamson