Big Burrito’s Bill Fuller brings Bacon to MSNBC

For everyone that doesn’t live in Pittsburgh, the Big Burrito Group are the master minds behind local restaurants like MadMex (my personal favorite), Soba, and many more. If you come to visit, you should stop at one of their places. You will not be disappointed.

The blog IHeartPGH brought this to my attention. It seems Bill Fuller, a Chef for the Big Burrito Group made an appearance on NBC’s Today show this morning. Bill created what looks to be an extreme Bacon Cheeseburger. You can watch him create this Super bowl masterpiece in the video bellow.

I was happy to see Bill placing about three crispy strips of bacon on each burger. I like a man that respects crispy bacon on a burger. There is nothing more devastating to a meal, then chewy undercooked bacon.

Go Steelers!