Bacon Radio: You can see us now

Last night on Bacon Radio we not only did an audio podcast, we also did a videocast. I thought it would be fun for people to see what’s happening while we are recording the show. I also just wanted a reason to play around it Sean and I are also thinking about bring a few Bacon TV only shows to the blog. Like one about a paranormal investigator named Larry Dun. You will be able to ask Larry questions about ghost and big-foot live on the air. It should be a lot of fun.

On show #014 we talked about:
Bacon TV; Sean’s posts; Editorial Notes; Mosley’s Ultimate BLT; sharing of bacon; gingerbread rant; Sean’s car story; Canadians set record; butter; pancakes; salt in the mouth trick; IHOP is great; BRBF is sold out; documentary; rumors; bigger next year; Circuit City vs Best Buy; software; beer; loss of a fan; Guest_6 we miss you…

If you have suggestions or topics please share via a comment or join us live!

Download the MP3 or check out our ustream video: Bacon TV – 001

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