Bacon in 2K9: Can I take it to the next level?

Since it’s the first day of the new year, I think this would be a good time to think about my goals for MrBaconpants. I have a few ideas that I think can take this blog to the next level.

Here are my ideas:
1. Add one or two more writers to the blog. This way I can up the post frequency and give readers a reason visit more then once a day.
2. Create a two minute video highlight reel of Bacon Radio. This will be as simple as recording the podcast with my webcam and editing it. I think this would be fun for jokes that Sean and I get animated for. This will be a supplement to the audio podcast.
3. Make more bacon-themed crafts. Since my Enjoy Bacon store was a big hit for Christmas, I want to try to get a few more items in there for next year.

Now for the goals:
1. Gain more traffic/page views. This will be an easy goal to accomplish since the first idea will effect this greatly. The more contact I have, the more traffic Google will send me. I also would like to see more readers revisiting the site a few times a day.
2. Increase revenue for the site. If I can tackle the first goal this will be a breeze. If I can increased revenue I will be able pay my other writers and buy prizes for reader contests.
3. Getting mentioned in old-media. It has been a while since MrBaconpants has been mentioned in a newspaper or on the radio. This year I would like to take it to the next level and get a plug on TV. This is the last frontier of old media that I need to tackle.

If you can think of anything I should do to improve this site let me know. I value my readers and their opinions. Lets make this another great year for bacon!