The Ultimate Bacon Lovers Gift Guide

This is the new and improved bacon lovers gift guide. I did this last year and it was a big hit. Since this year there has been an explosion of new bacon products to chose from, I am here to help you find the best.

Butcher Diagram T-Shirt – I always have to explain to people where bacon comes from (some people don’t know) and this shirt makes it simple.
I heart Bacon T-Shirt – Every time I wear this shirt I make a new friend. So if you or your bacon lover has trouble making new friends this is a must have.
Enjoy Bacon T-Shirt – Tell the world how you feel about bacon. Think about it…if everyone enjoyed bacon we would have world peace.
Bacon T-Shirt – This is a basic bacon shirt, because sometimes all your need is five strips of bacon on your chest.

Bacon Strip Necklace – Show your bacon pride by wearing a bacon strip around your neck. It’s a known fact that wearing this necklace raises your charisma.
Bacon Strip Earrings – If you or your bacon lover is looking for a man these will do the trick. If I saw a women wearing these I would buy her a drink without thinking twice about it.
Bacon Pin – We all know that the flag pin is popular with politicians, but in time the one that wears the bacon pin, wins the election.
Bacon Key-ring – You will never lose your keys again if you had a strip of bacon attached to them. All you would have to do is follow your taste buds.

Art and Home Decor:
Bacon Pillows – This pillow will make any area in your living or bedroom look warm and inviting.
Baconfish – A million years ago there were fish made of bacon. Just before they were fished to extinction they evolved in to what we now call pigs.
Saint Anthony – No kitchen can be complete without a plastic Saint Anthony watching over your bacon.
I Love Bacon – If you get dark humor then you’re going to love this painting. It’s cute and sad all at the same time. I love it!

The Bacon Cookbook – This book features 150 recipes from around the world that involve bacon. One review says, “Vegetarians beware; these dishes could prove too tempting”.
Seduced by Bacon – This book is a celebration of bacon, filled with gorgeous photographs and seductive new recipes both savory and sweet.
Bacon Salt – I own some of this stuff and its amazing. My cooking has improved ever since I started experimenting with this.
Baconnaise – Everyone loves mayonnaise and bacon so it’s a no brainer to combine them. I have not tried this yet but the reviews of it are good.

I hope this gift guide makes shopping for the bacon lover in your life a little easier. If you think I should add something to this list let me know via a comment.