Fake Shark Real Zombie: Releasing a New EP

I am always in search of new ear candy (music) to enjoy. Lucky for me, I write an awesome blog that people who promote bands seem to enjoy. Today, I got an email from The Muse Box, a company that promotes bands. They wanted to make sure I knew that a band called Fake Shark Real Zombie was releasing a new EP January 9th, 2009 entitled “Angel Lust”.

I never heard of this band so I did some digging around on MySpace and Google. What I found out was that this band is 3 years old and is from Canada. That’s not a big surprise since it seems there is a lot of good music coming from Canada (Tokyo Police Club for example). If you check out their Myspace you will hear that the band has a dance and hardcore punk sound, but something still sounds kinda generic about it (I can’t seem to put my finger on it). This disappointed me, with such a cool name I was hoping for something more.

Well, I am happy to report that with this new EP, they are defining an unique sound. The four tracks that are on the 12 minute EP are proof that they retooling their sound and making it their own. You can really tell this band is maturing musically. It’s like if you put the music from Refused, Shape of Punk to Come and the vocal sounds of Hot Hot Heat, you would get something that sounds like this new EP. Sadly the single off the EP, Angle Lust, doesn’t do this analogy justice. I think it’s the one track that is trying to prepare the older fans for the new sound.

You are going to have to wait until January to see if I am right about the new sound for Fake Shark Real Zombie. In the meantime you can listen to the single Angel Lust.


Closing Comments: If you asked me if I liked this band I would say kind of. I think they are improving, but they need to improve more. I really like the dance/punk mix, but they’re missing something. Maybe they have it during there live performance and it’s not being captured on the recordings. I do hear their live shows are out of control, so if they make it to Pittsburgh, I will let you know.

I give the “Angel Lust” EP 3 out of 5 bacon strips. Feel free to let me know what you think about the band and/or the single.