Bacon Radio: Which is it Women

Last week because of the holiday we didn’t have a show, so this week we had a lot to cover. Also, after work I didn’t have time to make dinner, so all I had before the show was a PB and J and some cookies. Long story short, about halfway through the show the sugar high kicked in. It made for an interesting conversation about commercials and “real radio”.

On the show we talked about:
Hot Coco, Roadie walks in, peanut butter and jelly with bacon, bacon in a bag, Father Spoon’s comments, cheap beer, Arizona watermelon drink, wrong hole, Outback Steakhouse, bacon chocolate bar, Which is it women?, if we were real radio, gas is cheap, bacon doughnut, Sean’s idea, Bob Evans, sugar high, bacon shirt, beads get your drunk, drunks in Pittsburgh, space beer, bacon loves all.

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