Bacon Radio: The Special Guest

Sean had other engagements last Wednesday so I asked Beth to co-host with me. She did a really good job, so I think we are going to try and have her on more often. I am still trying to work something out with Sean and Beth to have at least one more show before the end of the year. Keep checking our talkshoe page for the latest schedule.

On show #009 we talked about:
Special Guest Host Beth; Trans Siberian Orchestra; Bacon Check; Pregnant people can eat nitrate free bacon; Bagels are the Devil; Mac NEWS; Macworld w/o Steve Jobs; lots of Apple talk; Stuff White People Like; Happy Holidays; black toilet seats; gift giving stress; bacon wrapped green beans; iphone talk; ipod law; porn again; reporter says the “c” word; Beth complaints about her first podcast; New Years Eve show; 2009 the year of bacon; Christmas beers; Elf beers; the brown note

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