Packing the Baconpants for My Trip to Seattle

This week I will be heading to Seattle to take video and photos of a conference my day job (sorry, I am not doing to tell you where I work, people get fired for doing that) is putting on. I will be there for 5 days so that should be enough time to find and enjoy bacon in Seattle.

Like other trips I will be updating my twitter and flickr accounts throughout the trip. That way if I find any pressing bacon news on my trip you will not be left out. This is the first time I will be in this city so I’m pretty excited about it.

If you live in the area let me know if there are any places (like the Archie McPhee store) I need to check out. I will have access to the internet so just leave a comment or email me your suggestions.

Also, when I get back next week I have some big bacon news about new products I am making by hand. I think everyone is going to enjoy them and I plan to sell them on this site. Just in time for that bacon lover on your Holiday shopping list.