Listen to Bacon Sizzle on Internet Radio

Tuesday night I was on Planet Comic Book Radio, with host Javier. We talked about every project I am in to, so the hour went by fast. Here is Javier’s summery of the show:

This episode of PLANET COMIC BOOK RADIO is probably the most wide-ranging in terms of topics! Jason Mosley writes web-comics, hosts a podcast called TALK OBJECTIVISM, blogs about bacon, and is a creative artist from Pittsburgh. I actually was a guest, twice!, on Mosley’s radio show, mainly talking about Steve Ditko, the legendary co-creator of Spider-Man and a follower of the philosophy of Objectivism. Jason’s an engaging speaker, with a strong drive for the things he believes in. Get an Active Mind and give this episode a listening. A is A.

You can listen to the two part interview on PCBR’s website: Part I and Part II

Since we are talking about radio shows I want to make an announcement, I am going to create “Bacon Radio”. Just like Talk Objectivism, Bacon Radio is going to be an interactive podcast. It’s going to be about the same stuff this blog is about, but to add a little something special to it, it’s going to be co-hosted by Sean Brett. Sean is the reliable bacon source I mention on this site from time to time. Bacon is just about the only thing we can agree on, everything else he’s is the opposite. I feel that this is why it’s going to be an interesting show.

We are going to start recording it Wednesday nights at 7pm EST. If you want to be part of bacon history, all you have to do is be at your computer by 7pm October 15th. Every Wednesday night I will post this show notes and a link to the show.