How to Stop People from Stealing your BLT

I am sure a lot of bacon lovers have this problem: you pack your lunch for work and put it in the communal fridge. Then when its time for lunch, you find out that someone ate your BLT. The allure of bacon is so strong that even law-abiding citizens will be tempted to steal your lunch.

Well, to stop the epidemic I found an easy solution. It’s called the Anti-Theft lunch bag, they are not for sale yet but the concept is easy to copy. All you need to do is paint some nasty green splotches on the outside of the bag. Then when your BLT is sitting in the communal fridge no one in their right mind will try to eat it. Thus saving your lunch from evil lunch thieves.

If you have any lunch saving tips or a story about how you nabbed someone stealing your lunch. Please share them via comments or email.