Homemade Bacon Cinnamon Rolls

The news magazine Bacon Today is really starting to impress me. Their bacon related stories are really starting to catch my eye. When I first saw the site a few weeks ago I thought it was just going to be another blog aggregator. This is not the case; these guys are writing and finding some really great original content.

For example Mr. B, a writer for the blog, shares with us an amazing bacon recipe, Bacon Cinnamon Rolls. It’s so simple anyone can make them.

While grocery shopping the other day I picked up a tube of ready-to-cook cinnamon rolls and thought hey, I wonder how these would taste with bacon. As I read the back of the package I was reminded that the rolls are actually un-rolled when you remove them. – Continue reading for the gripping conclusion.

I am so excited about this finding that I may have to stop at the store and pick up a pack of cinnamon rolls. If you don’t have Bacon Today added to your must read list, add it now. I can tell already that a lot of tasty news will be coming from there.