Bacon Radio: Growlers of Beer Make you Growl

I think we finally got it right, the show went without a hitch yesterday. We are also starting to get a few more live chatters in the talkshoe chat-room. Also during this show Sean and I had our first smooth transition into another topic, just like a real radio show. I bet after a few more shows we will start making millions. This show contains extreme language and bacon, you have been warned.

On the show we talked about:
Cutting out under control; East End Brewing; Shootings in Pittsburgh; Growlers of Beer; Growler hour; Brew Pubs; Oktoberfest; Beer Maidens; Three Sheets; Eat n’ Park; Bacon Check; BaconSalt, Big Bacon Sandwich; Baconnaise; bacon and egg ice cream; NetFlix; Macs; movie box; shoes; iphone update; MyKey, Giant Eagle; Buffalo Chicken Dip; Cheesecake Factory; iPhone buddies; Apps vs EXEs…

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