Bacon Radio: First Show Jitters

Last week I told you about the idea I had for Bacon Radio, a podcast about the things this blog is about. Well we just finished recording it and things got a little out of hand. My Co-Host Sean took conversations to places I never thought possible. This show contains extreme language, you have been warned.

On the show we talked about:
Mr Baconpants cooking bacon at work; Cinnamon bacon travesty; women love bacon too; no microwave bacon; Cajun bacon; new Macbooks; Sean’s hate for Apple; iPhone; fast food bacon; Eat n’ Park; Sean’s bathroom attack; what if Steve Jobs dies; bacon cooker; beer; the Sharp Edge; beer cost and taste; beer Sean likes…

There was a lot more things we talked about, but that’s all I felt like writing. I hope by next week we figure out a format and do more show prep work. If you have suggestions or topics please share via a comment!


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