Bacon, Mayonnaise, and Wrestling

Tomorrow October 30th, 2008 the creator of BaconSalt will be celebrating the release of a new product, Baconnaise. If you can’t tell what this is already, its bacon flavored mayonnaise. So to kick off the launch of this amazing product they are having a mayonnaise wrestling extravaganza at Heaven’s Nightclub in Seattle (I wish I could be there).

At the event they will have FREE BLT’s, $3 tequila, and Mitch Morgan’s (whiskey with a bacon garnish). The main attraction of the event is a no-holds barred wrestling match between a giant slice of bacon and a giant jar of mayonnaise. For some added fun the wrestling ring will be filled with 200 gallons of mayonnaise.

Event Information:
Date: October 30th, 2008
Place: Heaven’s Nightclub in Pioneer Square in Seattle
Time: 7pm

If you are lucky enough to go bring a regular jar of mayonnaise and exchange it for a jar of Baconnaise, available in Regular or Lite. Also be sure to take video and photos so you can email them to me to post.