Mr Baconpants goes to work

A few weeks ago I was approached by someone at work to help out with a fundraiser they were having in the office. They want me to be one of the many prizes being auctioned off. Now before you get any crazy ideas let me explain. They want me to come into the office as “Mr. Baconpants”, and cook bacon to the winning bidder in the silent auction. The money won goes to the foundation.

To give you a better idea, here is the description for the auction:

Do you love bacon? Take advantage of our resident bacon expert, Jason Mosley. Also known as Mr. Baconpants, Jason is renowned for his knowledge of pork belly. He was the guest of honor at the Des Moines, Iowa, Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival and runs a website dedicated to the joys of bacon. Place your bid now to have him prepare a sizzling slab of his favorite meat for you in the comfort of the ONS Dining Room. As an added bonus, he’ll serve you while wearing his famous bacon pants! Bid high – everybody loves bacon!

I am excited to do this and I think it’s going to be a fun way to help out the non-profit I work for. I am going to post up pictures and maybe video of the event. The last time I cooked bacon for someone other than myself, was at last year’s Creative Marathon.

Since I am sure new readers from work are reading my blog now, here is a short list of posts to help you get into the world of bacon.

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You will quickly learn that the Bacon Community is a large and loyal group that enjoys bacon every chance they can get.