It’s every girls dream to be a Pork Princess

Last week boingboing (an awesome blog) posted a link called, porky princess tiara HOWTO. It pointed you to a site called The AntiCraft, a strange crafting website that seems to love bacon. They also have a sense of humor.

This is the last step of the How-To:

Put on your best beauty queen smile and practice your royal wave—honey, you’re a Pork Princess!

I wonder if I am going to see a pork tiara at the next Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival in Des Moines, Iowa. Maybe next year the winner of the bacon eating contest should wear one for the rest of the day.

After digging around on their site I found a craft called “Bacon of Hate”. The idea is to make a strip of bacon out of felt and put a pocket in it. Then you write things you hate and put them in the pocket to focus your hate on it.

It was at this point that I was going to close my browser and not write about this. If there is one thing I hate, its mystic spells and potion crap.

But then I saw this short explanation:

This idea came to me when a reader misread a blog post of mine and thought I said, “I become a bacon of hate” when I really said, “I become a beacon of hate.” I’m not sure which one is better. Wait—everything is better with bacon!

This is funny because I could see myself doing that. In fact, a lot of times if I am writing something really fast I will type “bacon” when I mean to type “back”. I think when I start to type B-A-C my fingers start to crave bacon.