Grocery School is a bacon lover

A few weeks ago I told you about a video on how to buy bacon. It was made by a site called Grocery School. After further investigation of the site I found two other bacon themed posts.

Friday Five: Sweet, sweet bacon

Hot. Greasy. Delicious. Ignore the pleading of your arteries. Let bacon be the alpha and omega of your meals, from breakfast when you rise to your last dessert before your rest.

Friday Five: Bacon Wear!

Some days, playing with your food isn’t enough. Show the love. Show the pride. Show the world your arteries are hard as wrought iron and just as uncannily beautiful.

You will notice that most of the links in this post were mentioned on this site before. I am not complaining, it’s nice to know I found another bacon loving blogger. Who knows maybe Mr. Baconpants will make a cameo in one of their next videos.