Five iPhone Apps I use everyday

I have had my iPhone for a few months now, so I think it’s time for me to share my most used apps. This list only includes the apps that I have downloaded from the App Store.

Facebook – I really enjoy this app. I know I could just go to the site with the browser, but I feel the new version is a lot faster and smoother. I was a casual user of this site, now thanks to this app, I am a power user (MySpace who?).

AIM – It’s so nice not having to fire up the laptop to chat with your friends. Also, since I don’t have unlimited text messaging if my buddies are online I can save myself a text or two.

Twinkle – I love twitter and this app makes me love it that much more. It lets you updated and read your tweets and adds a location feature. You are able to see what other people in a 5-50 mile radius are saying on twitter. I know it sounds stupid, but you will love it once it helps you avoid a traffic accident on the parkway.

NetNewWire – I cannot live without a feed reader, this was the first app I downloaded. Again, just like with AIM it’s nice to not have to fire up the laptop to check my feeds.

Aurora Feint – This is a fun puzzle/RPG game. It has a slick design and it’s surprisingly addictive. When I am at the laundry mat this is what I play, it’s a good time killer.

Honorable Mention:
After making this short list, there were two that I just couldn’t leave off. The first one is Remote, it lets you control iTunes from anywhere in the house. The second is Cube Runner, this is a game were you fly your ship though a maze of cubes (it sounds boring but just give it a try).

There are so many applications that I could have listed, but those are the ones I used multiple times a day. Let me know what your top five apps are.