The Go Plate: almost a good idea

When I found the Go Plate, for the first 30 seconds I was like, “Wow, that’s a good idea”! Then I looked at the photos of the product a little closer. How are you supposed to drink your beverage and hold the plate at the same time? If you did all your food would fall out. This seems to only be good for people that drink beer through a straw.

Now I know what your thinking, “Mosley, couldn’t you just take the plate off when you want to drink?” Sure, but that sounds like a lot of trouble. I would rather sit my drink down somewhere. Why add extra work for myself?

Here is my last beef with this thing, it’s too small. When I eat at a cookout I need a bigger plate, not a smaller one. It looks like you could barely fit a bacon burger, and few different kinds of potato salad (every cookout usually ends up with five different versions of this salad). I need a plate that can fit everything in one trip.

Since we are talking about cookouts, feel free to share your favorite bacon cookout recipes via comments.