How many BLTs could Michael Phelps eat?

Last night I was watching the Olympics and saw a segment they did about Michael Phelps. During it they said Michael needs about 8,000-10,000 calories per day when training. Since I am a bacon lover I tried to think about that in terms of bacon. How much bacon could Michel eat and still be less than 10,000 calories?

I did a little bit of research and found out that the average full slice of bacon is about 40-50 calories. So I divide 10,000 by 50 and got 200 slices of bacon. A pound of bacon usually contains 16-20 slices. That means Micheal can eat 10 lbs (precooked) of bacon every day.

Realistically, I don’t think anyone would just eat 10 pounds of bacon in one day. I could see someone eating a lot of BLTs, though. Then I did some research to find out how many BLT’s Micheal could eat.

We already know that bacon is about 50 calories per slice. I use 5 slices per BLT, so that’s 250 calories from bacon. Now for everything else, two slices of white bread are 140, the lettuce and tomato are about 10, and the mayo is 90 (1 TBSP), that makes the rest of the sandwich around 240 calories. If my rough math is correct, that means an average BLT is about 490 calories. If I was a bigger fan of mayo it would probably be more.

Anyway, that means that Michael Phelps could eat 20 BLTs in one day and still be under the 10,000 calorie mark. I am not saying that would be the healthiest choice, but I think if I was in Michael’s position I would at least try to do it for one day.

If you come up with other calculations for how much food Michael can eat, please share via comments.