Head Spa Massager makes you look like an idiot

I don’t know what’s worse, this product or the fact that it was featured on the Montel show. I thought all that show talked about was paternity tests and teen pregnancy. Who knew it’s also marketed questionable products.

The Head Spa Massager looks like a $29.95 piece of junk. It claims that it can massage your troubles away. The website that sells it says it’s like a thousand tiny fingers (creepy) massaging your scalp. They want you to use it on your commute to work or at your desk at work (if you like looking like an idiot in public).

Instead of wasting your money on a massager, invest that money in bacon. Nothing takes my troubles away like a BLT or bacon wrapped shrimp. I almost forgot, for the really bad days you can add a nice Belgium beer to the mix, my favorite is Corsendonk.