Beggin Strips and Bourbon

Here are a few things other readers would like me to share with you. The first one is the commercial for Bacon Beggin Strips dog treats. If you remember, this is what I compared fast food bacon to.

The second is from a Todd, he wanted me to share a post about how to make bacon bourbon. Its really easy!

To make it, cook up 3-4 strips of bacon. Retain a fluid ounce or so of the rendered fat, letting it cool but not solidify. Discard of the bacon in the manner of your choosing (I’m sure you’ll think of something). Pour the fat and bourbon into a glass jar and let it sit to taste, a matter of hours if the bacon is strong enough.

Read the rest of the post here for the final few steps and serving suggestions.

I just want to let you all know I really enjoy the bacon filled emails, so keep them coming.