Attention slow drivers: I hate you!

On Monday I woke up a little late for work. Everything started off as planned for me to only be 5 minuets late. I took a fast shower, skipped packing my lunch, and didn’t check my email before running out the door. These were things I sacrificed to save time and my ass.

Once on the road, I was making record time. It was like the traffic lights knew I needed their help, they all turned green as I approached. At 9:00 am. I wasn’t worried, I had 7 more minutes to go until I had to be at my desk.

Everything changed when I noticed that I had caught up to the car ahead me a little to quickly. At that point I checked my speed and saw I had slowed down to 30 MPH. The posted speed limit was 45 MPH. I looked through their back window to see if I saw any sign of trouble. The driver looked calm and the car seemed to run fine.

After my close inspection of the car and driver, I noticed a speed limit sign ahead. I thought at this point they would notice the sign, check their speed, and correct their error. That didn’t happen.

The traffic behind me began to beep their horns and ride my ass. Me, being a peace-loving bacon-lover, I didn’t join in. Well…then again maybe I did ride their ass and point angrily at every speed limit sign we passed (we passed 4). I was pissed.

Finally, after my dream of only being 5 minutes late were shattered, we came to a light. Thankfully, they headed for the turning lane and cleared my path. When I passed them, I was sure to give them a few hateful looks.

Long story short, I was 20 minutes late for work because some ass couldn’t read a speed limit sign. I still can’t figure out why someone would drive like that. Did they really not know it was a 45 MPH zone? Also, if they were broke down, why didn’t they turn on their flashers and move to the shoulder? The only reason you have to drive under the speed limit is weather related. Other than that, you have no excuse.

At this time, I would like to point out that the car in the picture above is not the car I was stuck behind. If I would have been stuck behind a bacon car, this would have be a totally different post.