Wolf Parade and Ratatat

Today the new Ratatat CD named “LP3” came out. After playing the hell out of their “Classics” CD I was really excited to hear what ear candy they had in store this time. If you don’t know, Ratatat is a two man instrumental band that blends guitar melody with alien keyboards. The music makes you want to day dream and create your own stories to the soundtrack. So I took a ride to the store to pick it up.

While I was at the store I noticed another CD I heard about, Wolf Parade’s “At Mount Zoomer”. After picking it up to better inspect the artwork, I saw it was only $7.99. For that price I figured it was worth the risk and took it up to the register with Ratatat.

After listening to both these CDs I am really impressed with Ratatat again. I never got the chance to listen to their first album (many people say it’s their best) but the 2nd and 3rd sound good to me. Wolf Parade was a pleasant surprise. Out of the two this one will be the one I’ll listen to the most. It’s slow, but hidden away are some real pop hooks and energy. I can’t put my finger in it but there is something special about this CD.

Ratatat “LP3” – Mirando

Wolf Parade “At Mount Zoomer” – Language City

Above are a few MP3 samples for you to check out. If you enjoy them, be sure to support the band and buy their Album.